White Valentine’s Day

Today is White Valentine’s Day, feel a bit sad somehow~ ANYWAY, EVERYONE HAPPY WHITE VAENTINE’S DAY =)


Logo~ (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2. This part is talk about the logo that I dislike and the logo that I never seen before but I like it.

These 5 logo which I dislike.


The firefox logo, All I can say is I can’t even see the fox if the logo is small, that’s the reason I don’t like it.

BBC logo… Yes, the logo is simple but can you give more idea to design the logo? rather than a box with word in it. =(

When I first time saw this logo, the first image in my head is bored…

Nike logo, very simple just a “tick”. Sometime, Nike can be something else rather than a “tick” logo. Make people confused somehow.

Okay, British Telecom. I kind of like this logo but dislike it. Because the logo was perfect but without the BT words beside it.


These logo I never seen before but i like it. Is pretty smart =)

Logo~ (Part 1)

Hello everyone, today I’m goin to talk about logo that i like and dislike.

These 5 logos is on my top 5 favourites.


Well, SEGA logo make people remind the “SONIC” game!!  The reason i like this logo because is simple, make people remember very well. 


CAPCOM, What should I say about this logo… Mmm….OK. Most famous titles were made by CAPCOM is Street Fighter, Dead Rising, Devil May Cry, Resdient Evil, Mega Man…etc. I pretty like this logo because I think is smart and cool. The colour shows how strongly this company are. 


When I was young, this company always made me interesting because they made Pac-man and Dig Dug. =) Also, I love red colour and I think That’s the reason I like this logo~


Okay, Square Enix. the famous title for this company is Final Fantasy (FF). I’ve never played FF but I know is a good game, just not my type of games. I love this logo bacause I think is… again, is simple. One good gaming company, do not need very colourful logo.

Finally, this logo is my personal favourite! One bad News, this logo is not using anymore bacause the company changed the logo. Koei always make people remember the “Dynasty Warriors”, the best game they ever made. The reason I love this logo bacause the logo have amination and pretty suitable for the company.


This is my second course work, is a mix building picture.

In this picture, I used 8 pictures.

(left) Twisting Building, (right) Tokyo Tower

(Left) The Chrysler Building, (Right) Saints Row 3 Sign

(Left) City of Twilight Tampa Florida, (Right) Bahrain Building

(Left) ADIA, (Background) Sky


The final picture. In this picture, I used ploygonal lasso tool, magic wand tool and colour balance edit.


This is my first work for mix character. In this character I used three different character, Mario, Pedo bear and super monkey ball.

Firstly, I chop the mario’s body and arm’s

Secondly, I used the bear head.

Finally, I used super monkey ball character’s leg.

The final outcome it shown below. Totally, I’ve used 4 layers. The left arm, head, leg and body.