Documentary about Garyson Perry – Week 2

Yesterday, the lecturer show us a documentary about Garyson Perry.

The method that G.Perry use for inspiration it is very inspired me.

As a designer, shouldn’t limit yourself, there’s always something which can be your next idea.

“There’s no limit, only limited to yourself”

Finding more resources, something could come up to be your next idea.

Garyson Perry

Garyson Perry

Garyson, P. 2014. Grayson Perry: London needs affordable housing because ‘rich people don’t create culture’. [Online image]. Available from: [Accessed 15 Sep 2015]


Starting week Idea and Target – Week 1

For Creative Research, I am planning to create a maze puzzle game on flash which I was desire to create a long time ago.

The idea is about:

  • Discover the bomb on the map by walk though the maze
  • Location:  Office (Tables, Chairs, Computers)
  • 2D Bird’s eve view
  • 1 minute timer from start
  • Bonus items on map, such as timer like checkpoint system (+10 to +30 to timer)
  • Few levels, getting harder if you finish each level

Is important to have something which I really want to do. I should be start working soon.