Vision Statement

“2D maze with collectibles, getting tougher when player goes through.”


Media Law and Ethics – Week 3

In this week, is to read the first two chapters of a book called Ethics in the Virtual World: the Morality and Psychology of Gaming by Garry Young, and answer two question which provided.

Are some forms of fiction (games) unimaginable for some individuals to engage with? 

Animals based game, aliens

Is it right to prohibit certain acts in the virtual space? What might those acts be and under what circumstances?

The answer is YES. Each games releasing on the market have to check by regional rating to decide the game is suitable for which age (a.k.a age rating) and what should be ban. For example, content contains rape relation, killing or murder.  Which prevent the person below the age should not be playing those games. But those games are still able to access by child or teenagers, which provided by someone is above the age or set the DOB (Date of Birth) check above the age in online store.

In my opinion, these kind of problem become clear in modern world. We can understand TV series and films are not directly to person itself, is third person perspective instead, but still able to provide harmful information. But video game is different, the player is controlling the character itself, interaction with the character’s emotion and feeling, no matter the game is first person or third person, the personal effect is stronger than TV or films.

On the other hand, TV series and films should also starting to apply age restrictions to prevent further harmful information to child or teenagers. For example, topic contains rape, murder cases, killing, torturer should be set a level and warning sign before the programme or films start to play.

However, to receive these information is depending on the parents, teachers, and guardian. Is hard to block these information, the only way the solve is to communicate with child or teenagers while receiving from games, TV or films.


Garry Young. 2013. Ethics in the Virtual World: The Morality and Psychology of Gaming. Routledge.

Media Law and Ethics – Week 2

In this week, I will be discussing ethics and law and answer the questions which helps me to understand.

What is ethics?

Ethics is what human can decide is right or wrong. Each people have different standard and is hard to decide what is correct or not. Ethics are mostly depends on person’s feeling, e.g. If there is only one seat on the bus and the elderly and a leg disabled person which have prosthesis leg, but covered by trousers, which person will you giving a seat to?

What use is ethics?

Ethics allows human to view things from different perspective, which allows people to receives different information from other areas and make up our own thoughts or decide what is right or wrong.

Are ethical statements objectively true?

The answer is no. The reason is because ethics are subjective and is one-sided, but depends on the subjects, e.g. If the government  will reduce tax, everyone will accept; if the government is consider to increase tax for upcoming year, people will not accept. On the other hand, people can argue or have opinions about Scotland to be independent or not. (Just an example)

Where does ethics come from?

Ethics come from religious, regions,  person instinct and person feeling. Human’s personal experience can be decide what is correct or not. It also come from politics and news, which can direct us to decide wrong decision.

Are there universal moral rules?

There are no universal moral rule, ethics is depends on person,  to decide what is right or wrong. Different century have different moral rules.

What is the difference between ethics and law?

The main difference between ethics and law, e.g., If the person breaks the law, will be arrested by polices and punish by law enforcement, no matter how many contribution the person did for the society. On the other hand, ethics are created by personal standard and laws are created by government.


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Interesting game

Played a interesting game today on PSP, is called Exit.


The game is about to escape the building within time limit.

here is gameplay

Exit – Gameplay PSP

Exit. 2005. [computer game]. Sony PlayStation Portable. Taito.

John GodGames. 2013. Exit – Gameplay PSP HD 720P (Playstation Portable). [online]. YouTube. Available from: [Accessed 12th Jan 16]