Final Presentation

Did my final presentation today but the thing didn’t go well. I was nervous during the presentation and forgot what I have to say.

Feedback: I was told to selling the fun and the passion of 2D maze game. And expending more on the game.

In fact, I felt myself totally lost from what I suppose to do at the beginning, after this project, I set myself a new target which is doing 3D modelling in the future.

2D maze game isn’t the style that I am looking for in this stage.

Anyway, the is a lot of things which I can improve in the future.

The previous concept for my project is 2D maze game combine with first person view. And focusing on drawing instead creating the game. But ends up the topic is away from my original idea, which is 2D maze.

So, I changed the topic to pure 2D maze game with some interesting features.

When I finish the game, I found myself is not that interested creating 2D game.

Still, I am very happy to see what I did in a short time, 2D maze with two features. The script it is very difficult for me, but I still managed to create something which I didn’t expect.

Is time to move on, in 4th year (if is possible), I would like to focus on 3d models instead 2D.




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