Media Law and Ethics – Week 10

In this week, is to read the IGDA website, about the Code of Ethics, and answer two questions which provided.

IGDA Ethical Code For Game Designers

Do game designers need an ethical code?

YES. The game designers need some of the ethical code as guidance, but not every game designers. The ethical code it helps out the new game designers, but the code is limited the designer’s idea. If every designer follows the ethical code to create games, most of the game’s concepts will be duplicated instead of unique ideas.

Is the IGDA Code a solid ethical code for game designers?

It depends on which game company that game designers is working for. For the regular company, the IGDA ethical code is necessary, if the company works different than other company, the company will have different set of ethical code for their game designers. Which allows the game designer’s works and concepts to follow their styles, for example, artworks, audios…etc.