Media Law and Ethics – Week 12

Find, read and post to your blog at least two articles on topics relating to ethics in games that we have not covered in class (almost anything except STAs and POTAs).

Ethical gaming: can video games be a force for good?

Moral Decision Making in Fallout


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Media Law and Ethics – Week 11

In this week, is to read the eighth chapter of a book called Ethics in the Virtual World: the Morality and Psychology of Gaming by Garry Young, and answer one question which provided.

Do you see the relationship of STAs to POTAs more like Aristotle or Nietzsche?

The answer is YES. There are two standard, the first is when human moral applies to human world which is correct, when human moral applies to game’s world which is unacceptable. Second, when game’s moral applies to game world which is correct as well,  when game’s moral applies to reality which is unacceptable.

The different betweens game’s world and human world is they have different environment, which is game’s world can be customize and human world don’t.

So, the question led us to ask more question.

What’s the standard of good or bad in game or in reality?

For example, killing someone is bad in reality, but is it killing makes the player bad in game? The answer is NO.

There’s a game called Bloodborne, which player needs to defeat a boss to continue to the next area, in this case, killing is acceptable. In the game, killing can obtain souls (in-game currency), which killing as a reward in-game.

For another example, run over people with vehicles is morally wrong in reality, but running over people with vehicles in a mission in-game is morally correct, because is a mission and is in-game feature. In my opinion, run over people with vehicles in-game does not make me to run over people in reality, only the person is morally corrupt will be trigger and make the action.


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Media Law and Ethics – Week 10

In this week, is to read the IGDA website, about the Code of Ethics, and answer two questions which provided.

IGDA Ethical Code For Game Designers

Do game designers need an ethical code?

YES. The game designers need some of the ethical code as guidance, but not every game designers. The ethical code it helps out the new game designers, but the code is limited the designer’s idea. If every designer follows the ethical code to create games, most of the game’s concepts will be duplicated instead of unique ideas.

Is the IGDA Code a solid ethical code for game designers?

It depends on which game company that game designers is working for. For the regular company, the IGDA ethical code is necessary, if the company works different than other company, the company will have different set of ethical code for their game designers. Which allows the game designer’s works and concepts to follow their styles, for example, artworks, audios…etc.